Family Promise of Lee County opened its doors in November 2011, working to establish a service for homeless families. The non-profit is an affiliate of the national Family Promise Organizationwhich boasts 162 interfaith hospitality networks in 41 states. Applicants go through a rigorous process for admission to the program, which is not just a hand out but definitely hand up in a very difficult time in their lives.

Participating families spend their nights at a series of churches, which rotate host duties each week. While children are in school, parents spend the day at the Family Promise day center on Woodland Avenue, where they receive job search assistance as well as financial management and life skills sessions.

Eleven churches currently serve as hosts where the families spend their nights, with ten other churches providing additional support.


St. Stephen is a support parish. Our job as a support parish is to have a family (or several families together) prepare a meal in your home to be delivered in the evening to Turner's Chapel where the families spend the night during a given week. It would be a great ministry for you and your family to plan to stay to eat for a short time of fellowship. Meals do not need to be elaborate, just simple comfort food that your own family enjoys.

Parish families who provided the meals for our first week in February reported a very rewarding experience. St. Stephen will again be providing meals on a rotating basis of one time about every three months.

Family Promise is always in need of donations and is especially in need of a van to transport families to their host parishes and to other appointments such as job interviews.


Follow your heart in answering God's call as in MATTHEW 25:35 - For I was hungary and you game me food.  I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me.


To volunteer for meals, contact Kathy Kostrewa.

For other questions or concerns, contact Claire Hunt, Board Member.