Who We Are:

Members of the parish who share our musical talents as choir members, organists, pianists, cantors, hand bell ringers and instrumental ensemble members for the parish music ministry.

What We Do:


  • Organists and pianists serve as accompanists for weekend liturgies.
  • Cantors lead the congregation in singing hymns and sing the responsorial psalm as a soloist.
  • The instrumental ensemble and the bell choir accompanies the choir and/ or plays pieces for special liturgies.


Requirements for Service:


  • For choir members, all skill levels and ages, from high school through adult, are welcome.
  • Cantors and instrumentalists need to be able to read music and play or sing with a degree of skill that contributes to the enhancement of the liturgy. Cantors will be trained on the rubrics.
  • Bell ringers need a minimal ability to read music and count notes.


Who Do I Contact:

Contact our music coordinator, Stephen Roman.