Youth Ministry

Who We Are:

Adult parishioners who work to provide educational, social, and community service opportunities to enrich the faith experience of our middle school and high school youth.

What We Do:

There are numerous opportunities to serve in the youth ministry program. Some require an ongoing commitment, but there are also many one-time events and programs. Among the many ways you can help:

  • Chaperone parties, lock-ins, and/or retreats
  • Drive youth to out of town events
  • Give a talk to the youth group
  • Arrange for a guest speaker
  • Coordinate a fundraiser
  • Donate food / prizes/supplies for a youth event
  • Help with community service projects involving our youth

Requirements for Service:

The diocese mandates a criminal background check for any volunteer who has regular and frequent unsupervised interaction with children and youth. Those who drive youth to events must have a valid driver's license and adequate liability insurance.

Who Do I Contact:

Sandy Yarborough

(919)776-1532 ext. 204