Welcome to the
Roman Catholic Community of
Saint Stephen the First Martyr.


Donations of New School Supplies

Donations of new school supplies are being requested for our parish children before they start the new school year.  These supplies will be distributed at our parish “Back-to-School” Ice Cream Party August 10. Please drop off the following items in the parish office during the week or after Mass. Deadline for contributions is August 3.

Needed items:    Pencils (wooden only);  24-pack crayons, 8-pack crayons, blunt scissors, rubber erasers, loose-leaf notebook paper (wide rule), glue sticks, yellow highlighters, red or black pens, tissues, pump hand sanitizer, composition notebook,  box or zippered pouch for pencils, ear buds or headphones, 1”  three-ring binder, spiral bound wide-ruled notebooks, 3-subject notebooks, disinfectant wipes. Please donate only items on the list. If you don’t feel like shopping, donate cash or a gift card, and we’ll shop for you.  Thank you!



Faith Formation Registration

The registration will begin after all Masses in August. Registration forms are available in the parish office, if you would like to register now. There is no charge for faith formation. 

Children in grades 7 and under will meet monthly with their parents in our new family-centered program. Youth in grades 8 through 12 will continue to meet on Sunday evenings.  

Preparation for First Communion will be offered in addition to the monthly family gatherings. 

Preparation for Confirmation is a two-year process, typically beginning in 8th grade. All faith formation will begin in September.  A schedule will be provided in August. 

Contact: Mary Hart with questions or concerns.



Adult Education

Threshold Bible Study. Meeting times and places can be organized according to each group’s needs. Threshold Bible Study (by Stephen Binz) is a dynamic, informative and inspiring way to enter into a deeper relationship with God through Scripture. 

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