Welcome to the
Roman Catholic Community of
Saint Stephen the First Martyr.


60 Minutes for Jesus!  

Back by popular demand, Fr Jim Sichko will be leading his 60 Minutes for Jesus parish mission Monday through Wednesday, May 20-22 from 7-8pm in the church. Father Jim will also preach at the English Masses on May 18-19. Father Jim's presentations are full of Scripture, Storytelling, Laughter and Praise. Bring your friends and neighbors. All are welcome!  

About Father Jim:   He is an acclaimed international preacher, evangelist, and motivational speaker based in the Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky. In February 2016, Pope Francis commissioned Fr. Jim as one of his Papal Missionaries of Mercy, of which there are only 1,000 in the world, 100 in the United States. Before he became a priest, Fr. Jim performed as an opera singer. Since becoming a priest, he has made headlines for random acts of generosity and kindness, giving away thousands of dollars to people at the grocery store and on the street. He also has had the opportunity to meet and work with many celebrities and was honored by the U.S. Congress for his work. 



Mass of Dedication of St.Stephen the First Martyr Catholic Church/ Misa de Dedicación de San Esteban el Primer Mártir  



In the words of Deacon Bob Bridwell, Project Superintendent of new Church Construction, the Dedication Mass of St. Stephen the First Martyr Catholic Church, was a "grand and glorious" celebration. The Most Reverend Luis Rafael Zarama, Bishop of Raleigh, presided at the Mass on March 5, 2019 attended by hundreds of parishioners and members of the greater community.  


The new church, which seats 750, was full to the brim. Representatives from the building committee handed over the keys to the Bishop at the start of the celebration, and the bilingual Mass proceeded to include the blessing, depositing of the relics, anointing of the altar and the walls of the church, incensation of the altar and the church, and lighting of the altar.


At the end of the Dedication Mass, Bishop Zarama led the community in giving Father Robert a standing ovation in gratitude for his pastoral leadership and hard work. The reception ended the evening in a spirit of unity and deep gratitude to God. 


En las palabras del Diácono Bob Bridwell, el superintendente del proyecto de la nueva construcción de la iglesia, la Misa de Dedicación fue una celebración "grandiosa y gloriosa". El Reverendísimo Luis Rafael Zarama, Obispo de Raleigh, presidió la Misa del 5 de marzo de 2019 a la que asistieron cientos de feligreses y miembros de la comunidad en general.


La nueva iglesia, con capacidad para 750 personas, estaba llena. Los representantes del comité de construcción entregaron las llaves al Obispo al comienzo de la celebración, y la Misa bilingüe incluyó la bendición, el depósito de las reliquias, la unción del altar y los muros de la iglesia, la incensación. Del altar y la iglesia, y alumbrado del altar.


Al final de la Misa de Dedicación, el Obispo Zarama dirigió a la comunidad a darle al Padre Robert una ovación de pie en agradecimiento por su liderazgo pastoral y su arduo trabajo. La recepción terminó la noche con un espíritu de unidad y profunda gratitud a Dios.