Welcome to the
Roman Catholic Community of
Saint Stephen the First Martyr.


Theology & Film

Tuesday, August 5 at 6:00 p.m. in Room 125 Join Fr. Hector for an evening of fellowship, entertainment, and faith formation. We’ll be viewing “City of Joy,” a film based on the 1985 bestselling novel of the same title. Gospel focus: “Jesus used some fish and a few loaves of bread to feed at least five thousand people. In the City of Joy, there are few resources, but they, too, can be blessed and multiplied just the same.”

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We’re running a special on our award winning altar server training—two for the price of one.  That’s right, neighbor!  Bring me any prospective altar server and I’ll train the second for free.  This is a limited time offer and only available to a select few.  And as part of our sizzling summer closeout we’re also offering a 100% discount for any new altar servers who sign up for the August 2 Train-o-Rama starting at 9:00 am at St. Stephen (subject to Church availability). Sign up today and we’ll also offer a slightly used alb (robe), absolutely free—all other discounts and coupons void.  Remember, all penalties and restrictions may apply.


Deacon Bob’s Altar Server Store

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Donations of New School Supplies

Donations of new school supplies are being requested for our parish children before they start the new school year.  These supplies will be distributed at our parish “Back-to-School” Ice Cream Party August 10. Please drop off the following items in the parish office during the week or after Mass. Deadline for contributions is August 3.

Needed items:    Pencils (wooden only);  24-pack crayons, 8-pack crayons, blunt scissors, rubber erasers, loose-leaf notebook paper (wide rule), glue sticks, yellow highlighters, red or black pens, tissues, pump hand sanitizer, composition notebook,  box or zippered pouch for pencils, ear buds or headphones, 1”  three-ring binder, spiral bound wide-ruled notebooks, 3-subject notebooks, disinfectant wipes. Please donate only items on the list. If you don’t feel like shopping, donate cash or a gift card, and we’ll shop for you.  Thank you!